UAE is home to more than 40 free-zones, with the highest number located in Dubai. UAE free-zones are designed to encourage foreign investment by offering incentives such us 100% ownership of their companies and major tax benefits, with no requirement of local sponsor or local service agent, 100% repatriation of revenue and profits, with little documentation needed and with the benefit of being able to trade internationally. Each free-zone in the UAE has its on regulatory authority, while only few of them require minimum capital investment.

Dubai Free Zone Business Setup

Dubai is home to more than 20 free-zones, that offer world-class business amenities, options such as flexi-desk and flexi-office setups, great infrastructure, access to free-hold property and complete privacy to investors with limited reporting obligations.

Sharjah Free Zone Business Setup

Sharjah offers smart innovative services for aspiring startups and SMEs, as well as established companies or corporations. Launched as a world-class hub for modern services for those who wish to setup their business within specialized facilities in the media and creative industry, or airport and logistic sector, Sharjah strives as a dynamic initiative, a forward-thinking and holistic community with the aim of making creative entrepreneurship accessible to all.

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Business Setup

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), the proprietor and administrator of Abu Dhabi International Airport is set to build up a logistics park beside the air terminal which is wanted to work as a free zone office called Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADFZ) offering an alluring decision for setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. Its creation denotes a point of reference in Abu Dhabi’s arrangements to set up itself as a dynamic business focus. The logistics park will exploit Abu Dhabi International Airport’s vital topographical position on the junction in the middle of east and west, and the expansive scale monetary advancement of the Emirate.

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup

Established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has led to a huge industrial development in the emirate by attracting various number of companies, offering competitive privileges and facilities which strengthened the industry, trade and the financial sectors. By benefiting from investment privileges, many companies have thrived with considerable return on their investment.

Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup

Strategically located on the East Coast of the UAE, Fujairah Free Zone operates under the aim to provide a triple advantage to its investors – ACE – Accessibility, Connectivity & Economy. Companies established here have easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels. Mainline services arrive from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Far East and North America on a weekly basis, and services leave twice weekly to the Far East and once a week to North America. Located in proximity to Fujairah Sea Port and Fujairah International Airport, Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) offers unmatched opportunities to aspiring startups, as well as established companies – from issuing licenses within one working day, to cheaper tariffs and minimum start up time.

RAK Free Zone Business Setup

Established in 2000, RAK FTZ is home to more than 8,500 companies from over 100 countries. RAK FTZ provides 100% foreign ownership, fast-track visas, freedom to source labour and materials globally, and ongoing business support services.

UAQ Free Zone Business Setup

Conveniently located within 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport, Umm Al Quwain FTZ is an investor-friendly, progressive free-zone established mainly to favor SMEs and micro-businesses, which will benefit from advantageous set-up costs, 100% company ownership and zero currency restrictions.

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