Biznet Consulting is a project development consulting firm, assisting developers, property owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to build and get approval of their real estate development projects in United Arab Emirates. Biznet provides strategic advice and project development solutions in terms of government relations and approvals, and project supervision services.


We act as the owner’s representative from the inception and conception of the project, throughout the entire process of set up. We cater to preconstruction management needs, like site selection and concept development. Our specialized knowledge in hospitality, commercial, residential and industrial projects enables us to provide integrated solutions to every customer’s needs. Once the vision and mission is identified we put every possible effort to turn that goal into reality. Our team of professionals works on concept and visualization, implementation and monitoring, timeliness and budgeting.

Our service has 4 basic categories
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project Development Strategies
  • Project Marketing and Operator Selection
  • Advisory Services

Encompassing a holistic approach towards betterment our team can co-ordinate with different service providers to proffer a hassle-free undertaking. We advocate owner’s interests with our wide network of developers, contractors, facility management companies and other related stakeholders. Our deep understanding of local requirements, cost-effective plans and ethical practices makes us top-notch professionals in project development.

We cover all aspects of project development strategies and undertake the full spectrum of marketing requirements for new and existing projects.


Feasibility studies provide a company’s management with crucial information that could prevent the company from entering blindly into risky businesses. Biznet Consulting’s professional team will ensure that a thorough analysis is being done that takes all of the project’s relevant factors into consideration, such as economical, technical, legal and scheduling components, in order to complete the project successfully.

Feasibilities studies are very important to the development of a project, helping to address issues such as where and how it will operate, identify potential obstacles that may impede its operations and recognize the amount of funding it needs to run on a long term. Biznet Consulting’s role is to provide an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or project and help lead to marketing strategies to attract investors or banks.

How Biznet Consulting can help your business through a feasibility study:

Market Feasibility: it refers to the description of the industry your business operates, the current market, the future market anticipation, potential, competition, sales projections and potential buyers.

Technical Feasibility: in which way you will deliver your product or services, including costs of materials, labor, transportation, location, etc.

Financial Feasibility: how much capital you will need and what is the potential return on investment.

Organizational Feasibility: this looks at the legal and organizational structure of your business.


First, we consult with developers and owners. We take the time to understand what they want from their development, their vision. Then we provide a detailed feasibility analysis of their project to help them work out whether the project is worth pursuing, or not.

Then we assist our clients to obtain necessary approvals for the project to move forward easily from the relevant government authorities and help our clients throughout their venture to achieve different milestones in terms of obtaining No Objection Certificates, Authorizations and Clearances from the development regulatory bodies.

Finally, when it comes to property development supervision, there are many complex stages in a process which can last anywhere up to four years. Some stages require in-depth knowledge of the local market; others rely on robust relationships with external consultants. Biznet is directly involved in all levels of the development. And every element of our project development supervision approach is focused on achieving one goal: optimizing the potential of your development and your return.


Biznet is actively involved in representing industrial clients who are developing new projects in Dubai or expanding their existing operations in United Arab Emirates. These projects include technical and government support assistance to develop, expand and retain commercial and industrial prospects that will contribute toward the economic growth of Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary Industrial Project Development team who can:

1) Reduce the owner’s administrative burden,

2) Offer fast track & expedited project completion, and

3) Offering a single point of responsibility. We work with our customers to secure, expand or retain businesses for commercial and industrial development from site development to full operation management. Moreover, we will also be in charge with finding the best location for your business, whether it is a shopping center, a factory or an industrial park.


  • Project management and contract administration for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Technical assistance for completion of business site leases; industrial/commercial recruitment.
  • Management of architect & engineering, general construction and professional service contracts.
  • Completing required clearances and site development for commercial/industrial projects.
  • Monitoring market feasibility contracts for commercial/industrial projects.


At Biznet Consulting we work as professional partners and advisors for our commercial clients, helping them maximize the potential of their commercial development. We aim to build a partnership that will confer our customers unlimited access to the valuable expertise of our local specialists and the experience of a successful commercial development team with a renowned track-record.

We provide commercial project development consulting services for projects in United Arab Emirates, including:

  • Office building
  • Community centers
  • Retail and Commercial building
  • Hotel and Hotel apartments
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Mixed commercial complex
  • Schools
  • Warehouse and logistic complex
  • Colleges and Universities


We provide project development and supervision for your domestic property development. We own an invaluable local property market knowledge and expertise in and around Dubai. We are aware of the value that can be created from the careful selection of sites and the importance a strategic location – whether you want to build a residential complex, villa, townhouse or a multi-story apartment building. Our project development and specialized supervision skills topped up with iron-clad government relationships will safeguard your project making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently all the way to completion.

We provide domestic project development consulting services for projects in United Arab Emirates, including:

  • Villas
  • Housing Projects
To know more about Biznet Consulting services and pricing, contact our sales representative.