If you’re a foreign investor looking for business setup in Dubai, the ideal way to begin is to hire a well-qualified and experienced business setup consultant to help you strategically plan and assist for business setup in Dubai or United Arab Emirates (UAE).

There are a large number of consulting companies in Dubai providing services for the interested investors; however, hiring the best business setup consultant can be instrumental in the setting up of the new enterprise and its eventual success in the long run.

A trusted and reliable business consulting company in Dubai can help at several levels such as: 

  • Mainland business setup.
  • Complete assistance through setting up of small and medium business (SMEs.).
  • End-to-end guidance during the formation of an offshore company in Dubai.
  • Guidance throughout more than 40 free-zones authorities in UAE.
  • Assistance in seeking Dubai (or UAE) trade licenses, VAT registration, management support, project development, etc.

The role of the Business Setup Consultant in Dubai:

Even if you’ve gathered enough information about the business scenario in UAE, if you are not an expert in the procedures involved in company formation, legal structures and government authorities, or the cost involved, you may need the expert services of the professional and experienced business consultants in Dubai to help you navigate the process.

How does the process of Dubai business setup work?

Based on the location of the entity, business setup in Dubai can be classified into three main categories:

Mainland Business setup:

The main requirements and features of this category include:

  • In order to obtain a trade license in Dubai Mainland, the investor must acquire a local sponsor who will own 51% shares of the company, whereas he/she will own the rest of the 49% shares of the company.
  • In order to obtain a professional license in Dubai Mainland, the investor is allowed to own the company 100%, without needing the services of a local sponsor



Free Zone Business Setup

Free Zones are the areas other than mainland in the UAE that enable the foreigners/ offshore entrepreneurs to own a company outright. It is, however, important to note that business set up in UAE free zones comes under certain rules and restrictions.

It is imperative to note that Commercial/Trading licenses in free zones are not allowed to sell or distribute products in Dubai and UAE and are only allowed to re-export them or sell through Commercial/Trading mainland LLC companies. Furthermore, the free zone companies are under the obligation to lease commercial spaces within the Free Zone itself from the Governing Authority.

Apart from the above-mentioned restrictions, there are several benefits of free zone business set up for foreign investors such as:

  • The benefit of 100% foreign ownership.
  • The benefit of corporate/ personal tax incentives, import, and export incentives, etc. for a minimum of 15 years.
  • The benefit of 100% repatriation of capital and profits.


Offshore Business Setup

Offshore company formation in Dubai gives the benefit of 100% transfer of capital and revenue to the entrepreneurs without any restrictions. The main requirements and features of this business set up are:

  • By setting up an offshore company in Dubai, foreign investors can enjoy the benefit of no tax on imports and re-exports, corporate tax, or personal tax for a certain time period.
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign employees when you set up offshore business in Dubai.
  • Dubai company registration cost is quite affordable for the foreign investors

How can Biznet Consulting assist in a time and cost-effective business setup in Dubai?

If you are looking for reliable business setup services in UAEBiznet Consulting offers a well-researched, professional, and affordable array of services to its clients.

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We compile a complete guidance throughout the setting up process, starting from the selection of the office location, to the costing details. Biznet Consulting boasts a team of professionally qualified and experienced consultants that understand the UAE market and can provide strategic advice and cost-effective solutions for all the business needs.